Notice of selection of Level-II Control experts for the Audit Authority of Regione Campania

With the DD n. 24 – DG 1 of 28/4/2022, published in BURC n. 41 of 02/05/22, Regione Campania issued the Public Notice of Selection of Level-II Control Experts for the Office of the Audit Authority of Regione Campania as part of the ERDF and ESF Programs under the cycle of programming 2014/2020 and 2021/2027.
The Notice is addressed to Experts with proven specialization registered in the Long List of Tecnostruttura on 02/05/22 and who have expressed their willingness to carry out the assignment in Regione Campania.

The deadline for submitting applications is set at the 15th (fifteenth) day from the date of publication in the BURC (17/05/22).

DD n. 24 – DG 1 of 28/04/22
DD n. 24 – Att. A      Analisi dei Fabbisogni
DD n. 24 – Att. B      Notice
DD n. 24 – Att. B1    Application form
DD n. 24 – Att. B2   Informativa