Bonus for professionals/self-employed workers- Covid-19 emergency

With the DD n. 54 – DG 1 of 15/04/20, issued on the BURC n. 81 of 15/04/20, the Campania Region has issued the public notice “Bonus professionals/self-employed workers” with which it makes available a one-off non-repayable contribution of € 1,000.00 in favour of self-employed workers, holders of a VAT number active on 23/02/2020, who meet the following requirements:
– membership of the professional register and the relevant private social security fund or, if the professional register is not established, membership of the separate INPS fund;
– start of activity before 1/1/2020
– office/studio in the region;
– not enrolled in any other form of compulsory social security;
– turnover in 2019 of less than EUR 35,000.00.

The notice is issued as part of the Campania Region’s Covid-19 Socio-economic Emergency Plan.

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If you need information about the € 2.000,00 una tantum lost fund bonus to small enterprises go to the section in Regione Campania website