Bonus for Local Public Transport Operators Non-scheduled (Taxi, NCC)(taxi, NCC)

The Campania Region has approved an extraordinary support measure aimed at operators in the local public transport non-scheduled sector (taxis, car hire with driver, car hire with driver TS), in implementation of Regional Council Decision DGR n. 254 of 19/05/20, designed to counter the negative effects triggered by the COVID-19 epidemic crisis which, because of the need for compulsory distancing, prevented this type of worker from being called upon to provide their services in a sector closely linked to tourist flows and, more generally, to the movement of people.

To apply, the holders of Taxi or Car Hire with Driver (and ncc TS) licences must submit the application exclusively online, using the platform made available at the following address: .
platform available at the following address:
section “Bando Taxi NCC”.

The contribution consists of a one-off non-repayable allowance of € 2,000.00 for each holder and/or actual user of a licence or authorisation.

Notice DD n. 28 – DG 8 of 15/06/20

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The project is financed for € 14,100,000.00 under the POR Campania FSE 2014-2020, Axis I Investment Priority 8.

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