ITS Energy-Lab: Call for selection for Senior Technician for the maintenance of renewable energy systems

The ITS Energy-Lab Foundation selects 26 students for the “Higher technician for the maintenance of renewable energy systems” course.
The course is biennial with a duration of 1800 hours, delivered over 4 semesters; it is structured in Training Units divided into 1000 classroom/laboratory hours and 800 internship hours. The start of the course is scheduled for May 2023.

The training activities will take place at the headquarters of the Foundation located in Benevento on Viale San Lorenzo and/or at the laboratories of the founding members. The internship activities will take place at member companies of the Foundation and/or other companies in the energy efficiency chain.

The credits acquired during the ITS course will be recognized pursuant to article 14 of Law no. 240 of 30.12.2010, for the purpose of obtaining the 1st level degree.

Applications to participate must be drawn up on the appropriate downloadable form, and filled in exclusively according to the methods provided, they must be received together with the required attachments, no later than 18.00 on 17/04/2023 alternatively:
• by hand delivery, from 09.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday at the ITS Energy-lab Foundation c/o I.T.I. “G. B. Bosco Lucarelli”/ Viale San Lorenzo n. 6 – 82100 Benevento;
• by ordinary e-mail, in PDF format, to the PEC address itsenergylab@pec.


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