WORKERS BUYOUT FUND: Re-opening of application deadlines

With the DD n. 92 – DG 1 of 17/05/19, issued on the BURC n. 27 of 20/05/19, the Campania Region has decreed a further time window for the submission of applications for contributions under the Workers Buyout fund from 9 am on the thirtieth (30th) day until 12 noon on the sixtieth (60th) day” from the date (20/05/19) of publication on the BURC of the measure.
The Selection Notice was approved by DD n. 302 – DG 1 of 14/12/18 issued on BURC n. 94 of 17/12/18; the terms had already been extended by D.D. n. 34 of 05/03/19 issued on BURC n. 13 of 11/03/19.

DD n. 92 – DG 1 del 17/05/19
D.D. n.34 – DG 1 del 05.03.19 (prima finestra temporale)

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