New pathways of Higher Technical Education (ITS) and experimental tertiary education pathways

With the DGR n. 161 of 03/28/23, published in the BURC n. 25 of 04/03/23, Regione Campania has programmed the financial resources for a total amount of € 13,289,997.00 for the consolidation of the ITS in the professionalizing tertiary education system and their coordination with the professional schools and the enterprises, in order to increase higher education in the thematic and disciplinary areas consistent with training needs, also through the definition of new paths with particular attention to sectors and production sectors with greater speed of change and innovation also on the basis of the experience gained in subject and in relation to the nine Foundations currently established and active through the support of two-year courses, as well as with the launch of experimental tertiary education courses in line with the specific objectives and related actions of the PR ESF+ 2021/2027.

More specifically, it resolved to plan:

– € 10,289,997.00 to consolidate the ITS system in Campania using the resources of the PR Campania FSE+ 2021/2027 – Priority 2 – Specific objective ESO4.6 – Action 2.f.11, for the financing of n. 27 new two-year courses of Higher Technical Education for the years 2023/2025 and the activities to be carried out in terms of organizational structure, coordination, management and administration of active Foundations;

– € 3,000,000.00 from the resources of the PR Campania FSE+ 2021/2027 – Priority 4 – Specific objective ESO4.1 – Action 4.a.2, for the financing of n. 3 experimental tertiary education courses, in territorial environments and technological areas with a higher rate of productive development and consequent employability, through collaborative agreements between ITS foundations, companies, economic operators and business associations, aimed at favoring the meeting between tertiary education and the market of labour, also through the introduction and implementation of apprenticeship mechanisms.

DGR  n. 161 of 28/03/23