Scuola Viva Programme 2021-2027. Accompanying actions. Extension of deadline and Faqs for expression of interest

With the DD n. 234 – Dg 1 of 06/04/23, published in the BURC n. no. 26 of 06/04/23, Regione Campania extends the deadline for the submission of project proposals to 28/04/2023 (initially scheduled for 12/04/2023) for the expression of interest Scuola Viva 2021-2027. Accompanying actions.

DD n. 234 – DG 11 of 06/04/23

Here are the FAQs with  with related answers, updated on 07/04/23:


Scuola Viva – Acompanying actions is funded with PR Campania ESF+ 2021-2027, Priority 2 – Education and training, Specific Objective ESO 4.6, Action 2.f.7

Opportunity sheet