The new PR Campania FSE+ 2021-2027 presented to the FSE Monitoring Committee

The session of the Monitoring Committee of the European Social Fund was held on Tuesday 24 January 2023 at the Musap, the Museum of the Polytechnic Artistic Circle of Naples.

The Managing Authority of the Social Fund presented the new ESF Plus regional Programme for the 2021-2027 period, highlighting its structure and innovations and at the same time emphasizing the continuation of the best practices activated during the previous programming cycle.

The priorities selected within the program have been listed, which also include the specific ones aimed at youth employment and innovative social actions, highlighting the greater financial endowment of the Campania FSE + PR ESF which, with 1 billion European resources, exceeds by more than 20% of the budget for the 2014-2020 programming cycle.

Specific space has been dedicated to complementarity with the other funds and programs – PNRR, ERDF, PON, FAMI and FSC.

These are the interventions that are already planned for the 2021-2027 Programme: the ITS system, the Scuola Viva programme, scholarships for participation in regional Academies at an international level, support measures for families and an intervention aimed at raising skills of workers to support the productive structure of Campania and to attract investments, in complementarity with the ERDF.

Ample space is reserved for communication which, building on the experience gained, will be even more integrated, participatory and flexible and increasingly aimed at specific reference targets. Compared to the past, a more unitary vision of European cohesion policies will be offered starting from the unitary logo “Coesione Italia 2021-2027”.

But the session also took stock of the progress of the POR Campania ESF 2014-2020 which is drawing to a close. Out of the total endowment of 837.18 million, more than two thirds of the expenditure was also certified. The analysis carried out on the recipients of some measures aimed at employment was illustrated, which returned a good impact: 77% found a job thanks to the regional intervention and of these, 43% are women. From July 2021, the date of the last Supervisory Committee, to December 2022, the POR Campania ESF 2014-2020 recorded an increase of 29% in certified expenditure and 21% in liquidated expenditure.

“Campania has great challenges with the new ESF Program – said the representative of the European Commission, Adelina Dos Reis – which includes that of enhancing skills, starting from digital ones, education and training and gender equality . For the 2014-2020 programme, the expenditure performances are more than satisfactory and it is very important that the results and successful experiences are also conveyed at a European level”.

During the session, the video stories of the ITS, I.T.I.A. and Plan for Employment in Public Administrations, as well as the launch spot for the new PR Campania FSE+ 2021-2027 were shown.

“We are proud that the evaluation of the management and control systems of the European Social Fund are comparable to those of the most virtuous countries in Europe – claims the Director of the ESF Management Authority, Maria Somma – we also hope to be able to conclude the 2014-2020 Program ahead of the times set by the European Commission. As far as the new ESF Plus Program is concerned, the intention is to build on the experience of the current Program to further improve spending performance and the implications for citizens and businesses in Campania”

The Supervisory Committee meeting was attended by, among others: the Managing Authority of the POR Campania ESF 2014-2020, the regional managers, the Head of the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Unit of the European Commission, the Anpal Manager of the Coordination Division and ESF lead partner authority, a representative of the Ministry of Labor – PNRR mission unit, of the Department for Cohesion policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, of the Territorial Cohesion Agency, the Director of the Evaluation and Verification Nucleus of Public Investments, the President of the Regional Economic and Social Partnership and the representatives of the social partners.


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