Second Exhibition Forum of Confiscated Assets. Legality as the key to development

Yesterday, 21 April at 2 pm, at the Maritime Station in Naples, the second edition of the Exhibition Forum on confiscated assets was inaugurated, with the attendance of the Minister for Home Affairs Matteo Piantedosi and the President of Regione Campania Vincenzo De Luca. The theme of this year was “Legality as a key to development”.

In the opening conference, coordinated by the director of “Il Mattino” Francesco De Core, in addition to the Minister for Home Affairs, the President of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces Massimiliano Fedriga, by videoconference, the journalist Andrea Purgatori, the president of Med -Or Leonardo Foundation and former Interior Minister Marco Minniti; concluded the President Vincenzo De Luca.

The attack on the assets of the mafias is the most effective instrument of contrast to criminal action but this effectiveness risks being nullified in the face of bureaucracy, the shortage of resources on the part of the Municipalities in which the assets are located, the fragility of the economic fabric of the territories and , above all, to the still too long time between the confiscation and the management of the property.

For this reason it is necessary to treasure the experience accumulated over the years and systematize the attention and action of politics, local institutions, the world of the economy, the third sector, the judiciary and the police.

In the second part of the day, the focus moderated by the editor-in-chief of “La Repubblica Napoli” Ottavio Ragone, enjoyed the attendance of the councilors of other Italian Regions: from Sicily, from Marco Falcone, from Lombardy, Romano Maria La Russa, from Veneto, Francesco Calzavara, as well as the undersecretary to the presidency of Emilia Romagna, Davide Baruffi and of Tuscany, Stefano Ciuoffo with whom Regione Campania recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the exchange of data and know-how for more effective management of confiscated assets; at the same time, in the business talk with Andrea Purgatori, some mayors, social enterprises that manage the confiscated assets and other third sector subjects who operate in the fight against the mafia and illegality took part.

“Regione Campania is at the forefront in the management of confiscated assets – declared the Councilor for Security and Legality of Regione Campania Mario Morcone – also providing support to Municipalities, especially the smaller ones, and assisting social enterprises in the phase of launching activities in the confiscated assets and ensuring management efficiency and sustainability”.

In the exhibition area, twenty-nine social enterprises, from different regions, which manage the confiscated assets, present their activities and products. During the day there was a fashion show of clothes from the Eva social cooperative in collaboration with Gucci. The works concluded with the cooking show of the starred chef Marianna Vitale who used the “legal products”.

The forum will continue today with debates on anti-mafia legislation and on leveraging the assets of confiscated assets in favor of economic development.