Guidelines for IeFP and IFTS education and training courses – Dual System. Years 2023 – 2026 and subsequent

With the DGR n. 105 of 07/03/2023, published in the BURC n. 25 of 04/03/23, Regione Campania approved the “Guidelines for the planning and implementation of training courses – Dual System – for the years 2023 – 2026”.

The document is approved on the basis of the proposal drawn up by the Technical-Scientific Committee and represents a useful tool for making the educational dimension a key aspect for subsequent professional integration, as well as for increasing the marketability of the qualifications that can be obtained (qualification of professional operator – three-year VET; diploma of technician – four-year IeFP; certificate of higher technical specialization – IFTS) and the employability of subjects participating in the training activities of the Dual System.

DGR n. 105 of 07/03/2023

DGR n. 105 – Attachment – Approvation Guidelines Dual System 2023-2026