Voucher for access to nursery schools – Outcomes of requests admitted with reserve and rectification of outcomes

With the DD n. 57 – DG 5 of 03/03/23, published on the BURC n. 22 of 03/20/23, Regione Campania approved the results of the applications admitted with reserve.
Through your ID, you can view the final outcome in the lists attached to the Decree.

Attachment A – requests not admitted with relative motivation
Attachment B – applications admitted
Attachment C – admitted with reserve (pending response from Ambito)

DD n. 57 – DG 5 of 03/03/23 and attachments

Eligible parties have 30 days to submit the refund request for the first period September-December 2022, through the digital service website which can be reached at the link:


We also inform you that the refund requests already received are being checked. In cases where there is data or documentation to be integrated, requests are being sent to users via email. All users are therefore invited to periodically check their email inbox and access the digital service through the link indicated above to upload the requested additions.

The measure is financed under the PR Campania FSE+ 2021-2027 Priority 3, specific objective k, action 3.k.2.